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Ongoing work

Monograph, Intersectional Justice and Peace Processes: Rethinking Justice in Post-War Societies.

Journal article, “Of Love and Frustration as Post-Yugoslav Women Scholars: Learning and Unlearning the Coloniality of IR in the Context of Global North Academia” [with Dzeneta Karabegovic, Sladjana Lazic, Vjosa Musliu, Jelena Obradovic-Wochnik, and Julija Sardelic].

Journal article, “Between the Literature and the Field: Unlearning and Relearning Fluency When Researching One’s ‘Home’” [with Maja Nenadović].

Journal article, “Building ‘Resilient Economies’ in the Aftermath of Armed Conflict: Gendered and Intersectional Blind Spots in Bosnia and Herzegovina and Colombia.”

Journal article, “Falling Through the Cracks: WPS and Intersectionality in Peace Processes.”

Journal article, “Coping, Resistance and Myths: Humour as Meta-Data in Peace Research.”